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The Help/About form is a bit of a misnomer and probably should be renamed. It's really the settings form and a place that you can check to see if a new version of TinyTracker is available for download.

Opening Help/About

Press F1 from the Main UI will bring up the Help/About form -


Checking for updates

This happens automatically when TinyTracker first starts and it will also check daily if you're the type of person that doesn't turn off their computer (like me) when you leave work. If you want to manually invoke this check, press the "Check or updates" button.

Tiny Tracker settings

Clicking on "Settings >>" on the bottom of the form will expand the form like so -


When tooltips are enabled, you can hover your mouse over each item to show what each setting does.

Here is a brief rundown -

  • Minimised colour - The colour of the form when minimised.
  • Show time in main form/when minimised - Shows how much time has elapsed for the current task for the day.
  • Show tooltips - Enables/Disables TinyTracker's help system which shows a tooltip when you hover your mouse over something in TinyTracker. This requires a restart of TinyTracker when you change it (which I'll fix soon enough).
  • Max minutes before creating a new line in output fileBy default it's set to 15 minutes, which means TinyTracker will create a new line in the output file after every 15 minutes of tracking the same task
  • Summary - Last X days - Allows you to set how many days to skip by in the Summary form.
  • Path - Location of all the output csv files. It will also contain a folder called CustomFunctions which is where you can install custom functionality for TinyTracker. By default it's set to the "Default path location" which you can click on to browse to.
  • Working minutes per day - Used in the summary and summary calculator forms to determine how much time is left in the working day.
  • Summary Calculator - add task minutes - How many minutes to add when pressing the "+" button in the Summary calculator.
  • Summary Calculator - rounding minutes - How many minutes to round up by. Setting this to a negative number will make it round down instead.
  • Summary calculator rows/columns - How many rows/columns of calculators that appear when the summary calculatior is first opened.
  • Summary calculator copy mode - This lets you select what format to use when copying time from the Summary Calculator. You can select either HH:MM (e.g.: 1:15) or decimal (e.g.: 1.25).
  • Global hotkey to gain focus - Shortcut key to use to give focus to TinyTracker from Windows. Win+A is recommended. Changing this setting requires a restart of TinyTracker to take effect.
  • Default path location - The path that is used to store all your csv files when the "Path" value isn't set.

Custom Functions

Main article: Tiny Tracker Custom Functions

Custom functions are listed in the left side of the Help/About form and are set by clicking on the "Change..." button above it.