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The Summary Calculator is used to assist in filling out your timesheets. It allows you to group tasks together, round them up to the next 15 minute (or whatever you set it to in the Settings form) interval and copy the time taken to the clipboard so that you can paste it to your timesheet system

Opening the Summary Calculator

There are two ways to start the Summary Calculator

From the main UI

Pressing Ctrl-D from the main user interface will open the Summary Calculator with the current day's tasks loaded.

From the Summary Form

Pressing Ctrl-D from the Summary Form or by clicking the Calc button will start the Summary Calculator with the day's work that first appears in the window.

You can use the Summary Calculator with a different selection by highlighting the text you want before clicking Calc or pressing Ctrl-D, like so -


Summarising the day's tasks

Opening the Summary Calculator will bring up the day's tasks, like so -

TinyTrackerSummary Calculator1.png

Splitting the tasks into groups

We can now group the tasks together and remove tasks we don't want to include in the summary by placing a space between each group (using the enter key) and deleting any text we don't want -


Dispersing jobs into their groups

Now when we click on the 'Disperse' button, each group is given its own group calculator -


If you wish to use more or less groups, simply resize the window to increase or decrease the amount of group calculators. 

Rounding up time

We can now round up to the next 15 minute interval by clicking on the "Round" button on each group, or by clicking on "Round all" -


Adding tasks/time

By using the + button here we can add a 15 minute task to add to the total time. In the 2nd grouping, we've added 4 tasks of 15 minutes each by clicking on the + button 4 times -


Copying time into your timesheet

You can copy the total time from a group calculator into the clipboard by pressing its "C" button. This saves you from having to retype the time taken into your timesheet manually.

You can copy either the decimal format (e.g.: "1.25") or HH:MM format (e.g.: 1:15) which is adjustable in the Settings form.

After you've copied the time into the clipboard, you can paste it into your timesheet.

Calculating a different day

You can either close the Summary Calculator and select different text from the Summary Form or by selecting a different date in the "View Date" selector you can immediately load a different day's tasks.