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The summary form allows you to summarise your day's work. It also allows you to easily find work done in the past and calculate the total time spent over a period of time.

Opening the summary form

From the main form, click on the 'S' button or press ctrl-s to bring up the summary form -


When the summary form opens, you'll see today's date along with the time tracked for the day.

The buttons at the top of the form allow you to view the summaries of previous days or of multiple days.

Example tasks

Personally, for each task, I write the job number first (which is a number that's assigned to a client and tracked in my timesheet system), then either a 'b' for a bug fix, 'd' for development/enhancement or 's' for support work, then followed by the item number from our issue tracking system. E.g.: JobNo18 d 5562 means Job number 18 in the timesheet system, 'd' means development work and 5562 is the item number from the issue tracking system. When I'm on a lunch break, I create a task called 'lunch' or if there's a company meeting I simply put 'company meeting' before locking my machine and heading off to the meeting. Note that by locking the machine, this task will be logged as 'company meeting (Locked)'.

Quickly summing up time

Double clicking on each line of text will quickly sum up times for multiple tasks at the bottom of the summary window. Here I've double clicked on the lines that contain "JobNo18 d 5562" and "JobNo18 d 5562 (Locked)" to give me a total time of 1.7 hours -


Note that "JobNo18 d 5562 (Locked)" indicates that the machine was locked during that period of time.

Click the reset button to clear the total.


You can search for any text in the summary which is useful if you're looking for a task over a long period of time -


Filling out your timesheets

Main article: Tiny Tracker Summary Calculator

Clicking on the 'calc' button will bring up the summary calculator which is a useful tool to assist in filling out a timesheet. You can select the text you wish to summarise first before clicking on the calc button like so (by not selecting any text it will use the first day's work that appears in the Summary form) -


Then click the calc button to bring up the summary calculator with the tasks you selected.